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FailSafe Certification

The Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board, the affiliated certifying board of AMSN, has a program to help both the health care facility and the nurse: The MSNCB FailSafe Certification Program.
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The Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-Surg (PRISM) Award, co-sponsored by AMSN and MSNCB, shines the spotlight on exemplary medical-surgical units. View the new recipients too!
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It's All About YOU!

"It's All About YOU!" features YOUR stories. We encourage you to submit stories, pictures, videos, and first-hand accounts of your experiences to share with the visitors of AMSN. Most categories open to all med-surg nurses worldwide.
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Winner of the AMSN Nurse in Washington Internship

Dr. Noel M. Kerr, PhD, RN, CMSRN, was the recipient of the AMSN Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) grant for 2014...

Happy National Volunteer Week - April 6-12

Celebrating the volunteers of AMSN! Volunteers connecting and collaborating help the association run smoothly - like a well-oiled machine...

It's All About YOU! - Chicago Chapter #317 bi-monthly meeting presented the ''Magic of Mentoring.''

On March 12, 2014, Chicago Chapter #317 was successful in hosting their bi-monthly meeting in partnership with Mercy Hospital nursing administration in the “Great Room” of Mercy Hospital...

5 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid At The Job Interview

(From the AMSN Career Center) ...landing a job requires more than a carefully crafted resume and impeccable references...

Industry News

"The American Nurse" Documentary Hits Theaters May 7-8

“The American Nurse” explores some of the biggest issues facing America — poverty, war, aging, prisons — through the work and lives of five RNs...

Post-op Pain Management Linked to Overall Patient Satisfaction

Patients’ postoperative reports of pain during recovery strongly correlate with overall patient satisfaction during hospital stays...

Florence Nightingale - Far More Than a Lady With a Lamp

She founded the first real school for nurses, and its graduates — “Nightingales”— carried her reformation throughout the world.

Op-Ed: Is Nutrition the First Step in Addressing Hospital Readmissions?

A fresh look at how nutrition is being prescribed in the hospital may yield a simple solution, leading to both decreased hospital costs and improved patient care.

What Do You LOVE About Being a Med-Surg Nurse?

"What do you love about being a med-surg nurse? I love seeing my patients health improve and knowing that I helped make that happen!" ~Chris

"I love being a med-surg nurse because I learn something new everyday. My patients are so unique and I am able to dig deeply to understand the complexity of some disease process. I am never bored, always new and improved knowledge." ~Sonia

"I love watching my patients get well every day. My favorite part of being a med-surg nurse is discharge day!" ~Amanda

"I love that Med-Surg is just like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates: you show up to work and you never know what you're going to get. The varied populations, age spans, diagnoses, and treatments keep every day interesting and provide opportunities to learn something new!" ~Angela N.

"I love being a medical surgical nurse because I can care for a variety of patients and the learning never stops. I am also an educator so everyday and I am teaching and learning and I love it." ~Jeanine

Tell us what you LOVE about being a med-surg nurse!